• Valy Vaimaki

Valy Vaimaki

Project Manager

Valy worked for several years as a journalist and interviewer in newspapers and magazines, specialising originally in Mass Media and Advertising, then in research and, more recently, in travel journalism. She has graduated from the Athens Law School and took journalism and management courses. Along with journalism, she worked in the fields of publishing, conference-events organising, advertising (as a copy writer) and Public Relations. She holds a certificate of proficiency in the English language.

She is Project Manager in the Experience Greece project and VR360.gr. Until January 2011 she was Editor in chief at the “Explore Greece” travel guides and the travel supplement of the Sunday paper Ethnos tis Kyriakis.
Between 2005 and 2007, she was Assistant Editor in the “Discover Greece” travel guides, published with TA NEA newspaper, and contributor at the “Diakopes” (Vacation) travel inset of the same newspaper.

In 2005, she published a 250 pages travel book entitled “The Unexplored Tinos” (Road Editions). For many years, she published articles and interviews in magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, MEN, KLIK, Eikones, Metro, Epsilon/ supplement of the Sunday paper Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia etc. At this newspaper she introduced the Media column. On the radio, she worked at the Planet 104.5 station as well at Flash 96.1.

On the ΕΤ2 National television station, she was presenter of “Then what?”, a series of broadcasts on modern technology and video art. She has also worked as communications consultant for Greenpeace, among others. In the field of public relations, she collaborated with McCann Εrickson Advertising agency. During the 2004 Athens Olympics she worked at the Press Office.


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We provide travel information, photos, digital maps and videos about Greece. We have also created the Experience Greece project, including fully interactive and original travel applications for smartphones and tablets. Our data base, created by field research during the past 15 years, is constantly updated. Our experience and our team of travel experts -journalists, professional photographers, cartographers, scientists- ensure the credibility and accuracy of our content.

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