• George Xepapadakos

George Xepapadakos

Journalist, Researcher

George is a high school graduate, has completed a two year educational program in journalism and has attended electronic media related courses subsidized by the E.U. He worked as a freelance journalist, specializing in travel reports, in international, humanitarian and social issues and in the area of ethnology.

He has taken over assignments both in Greece and abroad (W. Europe, Balkans, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa). He speaks English fluently. His articles were published in popular Greek magazines such as Vimagazino, Big Fish and in the websites www.tovima.gr, www.protagon.gr, www.e-go.gr. He has also written five books of the series entitled "Monasteries and Pilgrimage Destinations in Greece" and two books of the series "Greek Roots" published by Pegasus/Ethnos tis Kyriakis newspaper. He also contributed with his writings to the popular travel guidebook series "Explore Greece", distributed by the newspaper Ethnos and the Sunday's print travel section of the same newspaper.

From 1992 to 1995, he worked as a section editor in financial magazine “Κefalaio” (Capital). Later on, he worked for the newspapers Ethnos (free reportage) and Imerisia (business reportage).He was the host of the morning zone on radio station Galaxy 92FM and he was also presenting a radio broadcast named "Greek Echoes” on national radio ΕRΑ-4. During 2006-07, he worked as a copywriter advertising the Badminton Theatre in Athens and the live music club Half Note. Until 2010, some of his articles were getting published on travel magazine “Geotropio”.


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