• Perikles Merakos

Perikles Merakos


Perikles is a freelance photographer specializing in travel photography, portraiture and freelance reporting.
He studied at the Hellenic Open University, completing the course of Studies in Natural Sciences and took Art Photography courses.

He has cooperated with many Greek magazines and newspapers, including:
1) Newspapers: ΤΑ ΝΕΑ, To Vima, Ethnos, Proto Thema
2) Magazines: “Tahydromos”, “Vimagazino”, ‘Photografos”, “2Board”, “Conde Nast Traveler Greece” “L’Officiel”, “Geo”, “Athens Golf”, “Athens Hilton”.

He has contributed to several Greek travel guides with Yiannis Drenoyiannis such as “Discover Greece” and “Explore Greece”. He has published his work in the Greek coffee-table book series of ΤΑ ΝΕΑ newspaper, “Treasures of Greece” and the Greek coffee-table books of Ethnos newspaper “Monasteries of Greece”, “Roots of the Greeks”, again with Y. Drenoyiannis. He has also published a personal coffee-table book entitled “Immigrants” for the General Greek Trade Union Confederation (GSEE). He has participated in various group photography exhibitions, such as “Emigrants in Europe” (in London); “Treasures of Greece”, at the Athens Concert Hall; an exhibition at the Benaki Museum in Athens, etc.



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