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Maro Kouri


I take photographs all the time. I exhibit my work in fashionable galleries in large cities as well as in shantytowns and poor neighborhoods throughout the world. I take photographs for peace, and to bring out the inherent beauty of nature, in the art of an urban landscape, in the soul of man. I want the viewer to be moved, as I am moved. I have taken pictures from all latitudes and longitudes of the planet. I followed the Magic Moments workshop given by Constantine Manos of the Magnum Photo Agency, and that of Ed Kashi from the National Geographic and the VII Photo Agency.

I studied photography at “Focus” and photojournalism on the road for the last twenty years. I hold a degree in Oenology and have made wines for the Spanish vineyards Torres, whereas my thesis concerns “Tsipoura Tyrnavou”, in Greece. I lived and worked as a photojournalist and wine expert in Barcelona for many years. I have worked with Y. Drenoyiannis’ travel team for the coffee table books “Beaches”, “Castles”, “Monasteries” , published by D.O.L./TA NEA newspaper and “Greek Roots”, published by Ethnos tis Kyriakis newspaper.

I have traveled to the most remote, unexplored regions of Greece to bring back images and stories that were published in “Discover Greece” and “Explore Greece” series of travel books (again in collaboration with Y. Drenoyiannis). I collaborate with the US Polaris Images agency and French Sipa Press, and I publish pictures and texts in the international and the Greek press. I was awarded a prize in 2003 in Beirut from Unesco at the 2nd International Art Forum of the Mediterranean, in 1999 in Barcelona at the Primavera Fotografica, and in 1998 in Johannesburg at the 1st Greek Artists Festival. In 2009, I was awarded the 1st prize at the International Photojournalism Competition of LE SCOOP in France for '' The Talisman-the Albinos of Tanzania''. In March 2010, I was honored by the Association of Greek Photojournalists.




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