• Marios Theodorakakis

Marios Theodorakakis

Scientific consultant/writer

Dr Marios Theodorakakis is a graduate from the school of Forestry & Natural Environment, Geotechnical Department of Thessaloniki’s Aristotelian University and a Ph.D. thesis holder from the Environmental Department, University of the Aegean. From April of 2000 till January of 2002 he was scientific editor of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine, Greek edition (Lambrakis S.A. publications – DOL), and from January 2002 till September of 2009 he promoted to the position of Editor in Chief. He was also Editor in Chief in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER magazine, Greek edition, and scientific consultant in other NG publications and Lambrakis projects (SCIENCE & DISCOVERY magazine, NG special issues, NG books & videos, etc.). From September 2009 till September 2012 he continued to hold the Editor in Chief position in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine for the new owner company in Greece, 4pi S.A. Special Publications. In 4pi S.A was also Editor in Chief in various publications (e.c. Paparrigopoulos Greek History 36 volumes, Student Encyclopedia A-Ω 26 volumes, Encyclopedia of Gardening 16 volumes, special historical issues, books, etc.). His main activities and responsibilities were the selection and management of publishing material, coordination of various departments, editing, scientific editing and writing. He appeared also with his own columns in Hi-Tech magazine, (Lambrakis S.A. 2004- 2008, 4pi S.A. 2008-2012), and RAM magazine (2011-2012 4pi S.A.).

In parallel he worked as a writer and editor for many publications regarding traveling, environment and the Greek cultural inheritance as more than 30 Travel guides, ‘Treasures of Greece’ series, (ΝΕΑ newspaper – DOL), ‘The Monasteries of Greece’ series, ‘Greeks’ Roots’ series- (ΕΘΝΟΣ newspaper, Pegasus Publications S.A.), etc. Also he writes and edits contents for traveling orientated portals, as the portal of the Prefecture of South Aegean (20013-2014)

Other books as main author or co-author: (1997 “Wild Flowers of Athens”. Municipality of Athens, University of Aegean, 2000 “ΔΕΗ Wetlands”. Public Electricity Company (ΔEH)- University of Aegean, 2000 “Flowers of Athens” Elias Kainadas, N.S. Margaris, M. Theodorakakis, (in English), 2000 “Pesticides: Health & Environment”. N.S. Margaris, Marios Theodorakakis, Elias Kainadas (Eds), “Local Government & Environment”. N.S. Margaris, Marios Theodorakakis, Elias Kainadas (Eds), “Lakes” Texts for the 6th volume of the books series «The Treasures of Greece», Lambrakis S.A., 2009 “The Holy Grave” Texts for the 6th volume of the books series «Monasteries of Greece», Pegasus S.A.


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