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The Experience Greece project

Given our experience in the print media we developed the Experience Greece project in the beginning of 2011. So far the following iPhone and iPad applications are available on the App Store:

  • Experience Santorini (iPhone, iPad)
  • Experience Mykonos (iPhone, iPad)
  • Experience Athens (iPad)
  • Experience Rhodes (iPhone)
  • Experience Paros (iPhone)
  • Experience Naxos (iPhone)
  • Experience Tinos (iPhone)
  • Experience Andros (iPhone)
  • Experience Corfu (iPhone)

Our aim is to propose travel experiences related to well known destinations (Experience Santorini, Experience Mykonos, Experience Rhodes etc.), cities (Experience Athens), specific interests or hobbies e.g. Experience sailing in the Aegean sea.

In our travel guides and applications we combine:

  • easy to use structure and user interface

  • original, up-to-date and reliable content, gathered after extensive field research

  • high quality, professional visuals (photos, videos, 360 etc.)

  • useful information and tips about accommodation, eating out, shopping etc.

  • detailed information related to thematic travel experiences such as off road, trekking, sailing, eco-activities, diving etc.

  • Our content is organized in specific sections concerning History, Architecture, Attractions, Discoveries, Beaches, Activities, Culture, Accommodation, Going Out, Shopping etc.

  • Most of our guides come with detailed maps.

iPhone apps

Soon after its launch, experience Santorini for iPhone became the top paid app in the Greek App Store (category: Travel).

All our applications are travel/cultural guides

  • trustworthy and functional
  • comprehensive and handy, with detailed information and impressive photographic material & videos.
  • they offer Near You function and Augmented Reality which enables the user to track all points of interest (attractions, beaches, museums and archaeological sites, restaurants, hotels, bars etc.)  around any location
  • they are designed to operate offline.

iPad apps

All our iPad applications are original, especially designed for the iPad and fully interactive. They were the first apps created by Greeks, that take full advantage of the iPad functions and promote the new philosophy of reading. They bear Apple’s seal of approval regarding their technical and qualitative standards. Moreover, their quality has been praised by Apple.
Experience Santorini HD, Experience Mykonos HD and Experience Athens HD have artistic value and combine the aesthetics of a modern, elegant digital magazine with the handiness of a detailed travel guide.

Our target group

We address to travelers from all age groups, social or economic status. People who share our vision that “mobility is the future”. They don’t just visit a destination; they explore. They are not “consumers”; they try to comprehend the culture, the mentality and the habits of the local people.

Who We Are

We provide travel information, photos, digital maps and videos about Greece. We have also created the Experience Greece project, including fully interactive and original travel applications for smartphones and tablets. Our data base, created by field research during the past 15 years, is constantly updated. Our experience and our team of travel experts -journalists, professional photographers, cartographers, scientists- ensure the credibility and accuracy of our content.

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