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2Board iPad app

The iPad version of 2Board, the official magazine of Athens Airport Eleftherios Venizelos. Four “thematic”, colour-coded issues, which represent each season, with its trends and travel lifestyle mood, reflecting simultaneously each issue’s main content. A service-based iPad magazine for people who live travel destinations, not just dream about them.

  • Originality, hospitality, info–quality: The “2board” iPad magazine will seek nothing less than to shape the conversation in travelling, art and culture, style, design and technology.
  • Sharply intelligent and visually compelling, it addresses business and/or relaxing upper class travellers who set trends and demand quality journalism, fresh design and provocative ideas.
  • Perceptive and flexible, it is the definitive source for those who make of travelling their “quest” in life.
  • Its target being people who prefer to travel mainly independently, who appreciate “character” and to whom getting to know new cultures and countries means a succession of small, pleasing discoveries.
  • Designed for discerning travelers not tourists – showcasing the finest, most authoritative travel writing and photography, from Greece and the rest of the world.
  • Exclusive rights to images and articles combined with the best Greek–produced travel writing and photographs by renowned editors, stylists, photographers and illustrators, as well as accurate information and important travel tips will arm this magazine with a unique advantage for both readers and advertisers.



Who We Are

We provide travel information, photos, digital maps and videos about Greece. We have also created the Experience Greece project, including fully interactive and original travel applications for smartphones and tablets. Our data base, created by field research during the past 15 years, is constantly updated. Our experience and our team of travel experts -journalists, professional photographers, cartographers, scientists- ensure the credibility and accuracy of our content.

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