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Piraeus digital campaign

The innovative campaign titled Destination Piraeus, which was created by Experience Greece, utilizes all forms of print and digital media and is the starting point for advertising Piraeus as a travel destination. Its main characteristics are the modern aesthetics, the uniform "identity" that contributes in making Piraeus a recognizable destination, the high quality optical material (photos, videos, special 360 degree panoramas), the detailed and reliable texts by professional journalists which are a combination of research in the field and written sources. The texts and applications have already been translated into several languages ​​-English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc. In addition to this, it is the first time that all forms of digital media are utilized -a web site, social media, and applications made especially for smartphones and tablets (offline native applications). Thus, the visitor will be able to choose the medium that is more appropriate for him in order to get acquainted in the best possible way with Piraeus while he is already there, or to search information before starting his journey. Using all these different means, the Municipality of Piraeus has the ability to reach a wide and varied audience of different nationalities and ages, to continually update the information and to report on the city's cultural life in real time.

  • A multi-page travel guide in several languages. The luxury travel guide Destination Piraeus which was created by Experience Greece, with Valy Vaimaki as the project manager, Antonis Meimaroglou as the art director and photos by Pericles Merakos, includes more than 150 pages, and dozens of original and impressive photos and texts from travel journalists. It is divided into several sub-sections -History, Architecture, Attractions, Culture, Routes, Entertainment & Shopping, Map- in order to make it easier to use. In the first pages of the guide you will find the section "At a glance" and interesting routes especially for guests arriving in Piraeus by cruise boat. The first travel guide is bilingual (Greek-English), and many other languages will follow.
  •  Smartphone applications -iPhone Android- in different languages. Technologically sophisticated applications, made especially for mobile phones, with rich material, geo-location capacity and augmented reality (locating attractions through the mobile camera, via the application). The applications are offline so the visitor does not need to use Wi-Fi to enjoy them. Regular updates will be issued.
  •  iPad applications, in different languages. These are not web applications, but offline applications made especially for iPads, and they are original and fully interactive. They have an impressive layout and many automations. They will be kept up to date via regular updates. In a later phase of development further applications, for other tablets, will be created.
  • The web site www.destinationpiraeus.com and gr. The website will also offer the choice of different languages, it follows the aesthetics of the other tools, and it is modern and easy to navigate. It will be connected to the website of the Municipality of Piraeus via a link which will respectively redirect you to the original website.





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We provide travel information, photos, digital maps and videos about Greece. We have also created the Experience Greece project, including fully interactive and original travel applications for smartphones and tablets. Our data base, created by field research during the past 15 years, is constantly updated. Our experience and our team of travel experts -journalists, professional photographers, cartographers, scientists- ensure the credibility and accuracy of our content.

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