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Menalon Trail topoGuide is a digital field guide for the 75 km-long Menalon Trail mountain route, situated in Arcadia, the heart of Peloponnese, Greece. Menalon Trail is the first Greek mountain route awarded by the European certification of Leading Quality Trails given by the European Ramblers Association (ERA).


Menalon Trail topoGuide provides very detailed off-line maps, accurate tracks, rich descriptions and dozens of photos for each one of the 8 daily sections. Each Adventure has a description, photos and a POIs list. The application offers also an extensive introduction on geography, geology and the nature of the surrounding region of Gortynia, as well as a useful list of POIs with a comprehensive search engine.

The app offers:

  • Detailed descriptions, photos and navigation for the 8 sections of Menalon Trail, of a total length of 75 km.
  • continuous and accurate navigation to and along each trail
  • off-line detailed maps compiled by private data of AnaDigit cartographic company (and provided by topoguide.gr).
  • an extended introduction to Mt. Menalon with textual and photographic information on geography, history, monuments and nature.
  • a long POIs table covering all cities and villages, archaeological sites, religious monuments and place names and a search engine to locate them on the map
  • a fly-to simulation of route walking
  • tools for recording and sharing tracks and waypoints
  • an easy tool to send emergency position via SMS or e-mail.


Get a tour of the application by this interactive web page.

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